About Bihadako

In Japan, there is a deep food culture rooted in the history and nature conditions of the land. The old-fashioned way and careful manufacturing is a sense of aesthetics and the warmth of human hands. Beauty director Hiromi Kobayashi thought that it might be similar to the essence of the beauty she pursues.

Bihadako is a brand that re-edits and commercializes the traditional food of the area. From the viewpoint of “Eat for Beauty”, Hiromi Kobayashi selects that food and expects excellent beauty effects. She visits the area herself, talks with the producers, checks the manufacturing process, etc., and collaborates only with high-quality, satisfactory food. In the future, we will collaborate with food scattered in 47 prefectures and donate through the government and local NPOs so that 1% of the sales can contribute to the development of the cooperating region.

No matter how the times have changed and the wave of globalization is coming. In the Japanese nature of the four seasons, aesthetics, intellect, and vitality that has been passed down since ancient times are values ​​that we, the Japanese people, want to keep cherishing. Bihadako aims to create new and universal products based on the belief that we reconfirm Japanese beautiful heart and style.

Hiromi Kobayashi

  • Born 1964
  • Beauty Director
  • Head of Be-Fine Institute

From an early age, Hiromi received an elite education from her mother, a legend of beauty research, Teruko Kobayashi. After graduating from college and studying in the United States, she worked in translation and import business, using her language skills and global vision. In 1991, she founded Bi-Fine Institute with his mother, Teruko, and opened the Revitalize Salon Cream in 1998. As a total beauty salon that rebalances the mind and body and restores vitality, it provides relaxation for customers from general women to actresses and politicians. In particular, the convincing theory, along with simple and effective beauty methods, has gained the support of many women and is active mainly in television and magazines. She has expanded her range of activities, including consulting and participating in corporate product development.

Hiromi Kobayashi